Become the manager of a virtual football club, lead your team against other users and win the championship!

A free browser game in which you play the role of a manager and president of a football club. The development of the club is on your shoulders, but you have to remember that you are being closely watched by the FootballTop association, which may relinquish this function when the club is on the verge of collapse. Take over the team, train, develop, build a stadium, buildings, train the youth until you become famous enough to take over the national team.
Footballtop is a text-based football manager, in the game we have a total of 16 leagues(2 for each country). Each coach competes in the league and cups. The manager was created for a small group who like soccer and have always dreamed of leading their club. The game is simple to use. The main feature of the game is the SETTING of the squad - here lies the key to success. Play with us and find out for yourself. Of course, before you do so, familiarize yourself with the tabs and get to know the game from the inside.