1 The data controller is Footballtopmanager.com.
2. registration and login to the game site is free of charge.
3rd Registration and login is necessary to fully use the resources of the site.
4th Footballtop is an online football manager in which the user is given the opportunity to play by selecting a free club, without an assigned coach. The user, after selecting a club, becomes a coach and is responsible for managing the team. If the user is inactive for more than 30 days and does not have enough players to play a match (number of players in a team below 7), he will lose his club by firing the coach. The player can then choose a new club after logging in again. His old club will be reset and if no players are available, they will be generated anew.

5. the club names generated by the system are random and are not intended to take advantage of third party rights.
(6) The user is not entitled to change the club name to a forbidden name, i.e. to use the name of clubs whose names are protected by commercial or patent law. The club name will then be changed by the game operator.
7. the user is not entitled to upload logos of existing clubs which are protected by commercial or patent law. Any such attempt will result in the removal of the logo from the server.
8. the user can only have one account. Mulikonts will be deleted.
9. if several users share the same IP, this must be reported to the game operator. Such users will be marked accordingly so that the game operator knows that a joint IP has been reported.
10) Users with a shared IP are prohibited from making any transfers between their teams, which will result in a ban and deactivation of accounts for both parties.
11. a user is not allowed to use any detected bugs in the game to his/her advantage. Any such attempts will be revoked and the user will be banned and have their account suspended. 12.
(12) By placing a player on the transfer market, the user agrees to sell the player and does not have the right to demand his return to his parent club.
13. joint IPs must be reported immediately, and therefore no transactions may take place between the same clubs, on the transfer market and the junior market.
14. any attempt at cheating, setting up multi accounts, will result in immediate deletion of the account, with no possibility of return.

League rules

1. you may not give away matches, surrender matches.
2) Any attempt to manipulate the results that will lead to the benefit of playing in cups will be terminated immediately and the clubs will be excluded from the cups.
(3) When playing a league match, the user may change tactics, make substitutions, change formations. However, he may not set up the formation in such a way that the opposing club benefits from it. Such silent submission of a match will result in a ban for both clubs.
4. silent submission of a match - e.g. a user sets up a formation correctly and in the course of a match swaps defenders with forwards, thus severely weakening the defence of his club.

(5) Failure to comply with this rule will result in the user being banned from the game.

Friendly matches

1) Each user can play 1 match per day.
2.Money from ticket sales is split 50/50 between the two teams.
3.Playing more than 1 match per day will result in a penalty of 25% of the club's budget.
4.A penalty will be awarded when more than 1 match is played on the same day.
5.To play a friendly match, the user sends a general invitation via the Play MT tab.
6. the user can cancel the match at any time.


(1) Each user, by selecting a club, is given the opportunity to lead a junior team. These are players between the ages of 15 and 18.
2. juniors are found by scouting. The success of finding a junior is random.
3. the junior develops to 30UM + BONUS 5 UM(in case of playing more than 100 matches).
4. The junior's power increase is done by playing a match and scoring. If the junior has played a good match and his rating is low, then he receives strength points.
5. the rating of the matches is done on a scale from 1(best) to 6(worst).
(6) The user can use the transfer market to buy or sell juniors.
7. a junior can be transferred to the first team when he reaches the age of 18(with the premium option from 15). The option to transfer to the first team is revealed.
8. the user with coins can upgrade a junior using the premium features marked with an asterisk.

1. PREMIUM - additional action, performed by having a virtual currency called Coins. To gain virtual currency, the user can exchange money from the club's budget or by playing well in tournaments organised by Footballtopmanager.
2. premium actions - premium actions serve to speed up the game.
3. premium actions are marked with an asterisk or in red with the amount of Coins indicated.

Privacy policy

1. the operator of the game is the administrator: Footballtopmanager.com with its registered office in Poland.
(2) The operator is also the administrator of your personal data provided in the registration form, i.e.:
- e-mail address.
3.Entering the above data is necessary to create an account on the site.
4.The data provided during registration is used for the user's login method on the site, account activation via e-mail, contact with the administrator.
5.The administrator uses the above data in a manner:
- allowing the user to display an advertisement on the site.
6.Data which are displayed to other users are: nickname
7.The e-mail address given is visible to the administrator.
(8) In the game, the user can enter other data, such as name, city, country, favourite club, date of birth, Internet address - the user enters this data voluntarily and can delete it at any time.
(9) The user has the right to access their data.
10th The user has the right to request removal of his/her data from the website.
(11) The data provided by the user is stored in a database and the password is encrypted.
(12) Personal data is not transferred to third countries as defined by data protection legislation. This means that we do not send them outside the European Union.
13 In certain situations, the Administrator has the right to transfer your personal data to other recipients if this is necessary for the performance of a contract concluded with you or for the fulfilment of obligations incumbent on the Administrator. This applies to such groups of recipients:
-payment operators
14. your personal data processed by the Administrator for no longer than it is necessary for the performance of the related activities defined by separate regulations (e.g. on accounting). With regard to marketing data, data will not be processed for longer than 3 years.
You have the right to request from the Controller:
access to personal data concerning you,
their rectification,
restriction of processing,
and data portability.
(15) You have the right to object to the processing of your data but to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of carrying out the legitimate interests pursued by the Controller, including profiling, whereby the right to object shall not be exercised if there are valid legitimate grounds for the processing overriding your interests, rights and freedoms, in particular the establishment, assertion or defence of claims.
You may complain about the Administrator's actions to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, 2 Stawki Street, 00-193 Warsaw.
Provision of personal data is voluntary, but necessary to operate the Service.
16. the Service collects information provided voluntarily by the User, including personal data, if they are provided.
The Service may record information on connection parameters (time stamp, IP address).
The Service, in some cases, may record information to facilitate the linking of the data in the form with the e-mail address of the user completing the form. In this case, the user's e-mail address appears inside the url of the page containing the form.
The data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of a particular form, e.g., for the registration process or logging into the service, etc. In each case, the context and description of the form clearly indicate what the form is used for.

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